Let's burn some files!

burn.monster is an online tool to convert, manipulate and edit your media files. It is easy and completely free. Choose what kind of process you want from our growing options, send the files and press the BURN button. That's it, we will process the task for you. No signup/email/whatever required.

Subtitle files

Extract subtitle

Extract subtitle from an embeded subtitled video. The format will be SRT.

Extract subtitle
Burn subtitle into video

Add subtitles to your videos permanently as part of the video image, also known as hard-sub.

Burn subtitle
Embed subtitle

Embed the subtitle inside the video file, also known as soft-sub.

Embed subtitle

Video files

Extract audio from video

Extract audio from a video file.

Extract audio
Slice video into segments

Slice a video into smaller segments.

Slice video

Image files

Convert images to other format

Convert images to other format.

Convert images
Create slideshow

Create a slideshow from pictures.

Create slideshow
Slice images

Slice images in smaller segments.

Slice images

Document files

Convert pdf to image

Convert PDF pages into images.

Convert PDF